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New technology could help communities fight
gun crime

Posted 8:57 pm, March 20, 2017, By Emily Pritchard, Anchor/Reporter

ST. ANN, Mo. ( - Street lights that can report gunshots to police in real time sounds futuristic, but it’s real.

News 4 joined the St. Ann Police Department on Monday for a demonstration of the Smart City street lights.

Microphones are placed inside the intelligent lighting to trigger a camera when a gunshot goes off nearby.

“If you think about the spacing between your ears that’s the acoustic range, we’re picking up for gunshots,” said Databuoy CEO Kathleen Griggs.

The system sends a text to a phone seconds after a gunshot is registered with the latitude and longitude of the location.

Then, a few seconds after that, a picture of the ‘suspect’ is available along with a 10-second video clip.

“It’s real time,” said Major John Lankford with the St. Ann Police Department. “It happens and it shows us immediately to get the officers there and we can see what the suspect is wearing,” Lankford added.

Griggs said the LED light also has a Wi-Fi hotspot, motion sensing and dimming lights.

“With this, when you have an event like a shot it can automatically bring the lights up to high brightness, you have a great image your collecting right off this camera,” said Griggs.

Regent Powers and Databuoy have partnered to commercialize the product that was developed through research at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For now, the St. Ann Police Department is just browsing and looking at the new technology. The department hosted Monday’s demonstration.