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New technology could help communities fight
gun crime

Posted 10:21 pm, March 20, 2017, by Ayesha Khan

ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) - Going high-tech to keep you safe.  The St. Ann Police Department might be looking at ways to keep more eyes on the streets without using manpower.

On Monday, Regent Power along with Virginia based, Databouy showcased Smart City Streetlight that features an integrated camera, wi-fi, and gunshot localization system called SHOTPOINT.

The demonstration, part of which was a staged shooting was being hosted by the police department.

SHOTPOINT is an acoustic sensor network that incorporates strategically placed nodes that located indoors or outdoors will automatically identify and locate the source of gunfire.  When integrated with video systems, it will cue cameras to the exact time and location of a shot.

SHOTPOINT immediately communicates the gunshot data in a variety of formats, such as a simple message, or referenced to maps and floor plans. This incident-specific data is transmitted to onsite security personnel or local first responders in seconds.

"It's much more rapid and that's what we are trying to do is save lives by getting the responders directly to the event with the information that they need," said Databouy CEO, Kathleen Griggs.

"And if you want to compare it to 911, in a lot of areas there are issues with people not even being able to make the 911 call, so if you complain about police not responding, a system like this gives them that information instantly."

Major John Lankford said that if the department decides to invest in the technology, it could be one way to help keep more eyes on the streets.

"We don't have too many shots fired here," said Lankford, "but obviously if it was the whole north county area or it's something that we'd purchase, it'd be a great tool."

Lankford said that SHOTPOINT is something the police department is considering but they want to be sure that it's something the department can afford without costing taxpayers.