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Sandra Goeken
CEO and Founder
Go Green LED Alternatives LLC

Sandra has 39 years’ experience in entrepreneurial business startups, co-founding many game changing companies that created entire new industries. She has been President of AirFone, Inc. putting pay phones on commercial airlines in 1979 and CEO of In-Flight Phone International in 1985 where she built ten companies globally. She was instrumental in creating RailFone, putting pay phones on Amtrak trains, BTC which was sold to a Canadian Phone Company, and the FTD Floral Network which built the largest computer based communications network of its time. In 1992, Sandra received a presidential appointment to the FCC’s Small Business Advisory Committee, where she was elected Chair of the New Technology subcommittee.


She is CEO and founder of Go Green LED Alternatives, LLC. which is registered with the CPUC Utility Supplier Diversity Program Clearing House as a WBE. Go Green is an integrator dedicated to working with California businesses to provide energy efficient LED lighting solutions. She has assembled some of the most innovative emerging technologies to integrate into LED lighting; including Energy Storage, Demand/Response, Security Solutions and Wireless Controls. She has pioneered Battery Backup Street Lighting for ER/DR, 95 High CRI and Title 24 Compliant innovative products specifically to meet the needs of Calif.


She chairs the board of the Goeken Group Corp, whose wholly owned subsidiary; PolyBrite Intl. produced the earliest LED lighting products under the Borealis Lighting brand for Government, Military, Commercial and Industrial Markets since 1995, making it the grandfather of the LED lighting industry. Winning the 2012 Innovation Award for their A-19 and lighting the Beijing Olympics were impressive accomplishments.


Sandra has addressed audiences worldwide on a myriad of topics. Sandra has served as an adjunct professor at Southern Illinois University (SIU) who chose her as the Chicago Business Leader of the Year in 1993 and in 1995 presented her with an honorary doctorate degree of Commercial Science. In 1996, the University of Illinois at Chicago inducted Ms. Goeken Miles into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and in 1992, the University of St. Francis presented her with an Honorary Bachelor of Commercial Sciences Degree. She has served on the Board of Rush Copley Hospital, Success Magazine, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), Du Page Children’s Museum, Joliet Junior College, University of St. Francis and Clean Energy Trust.



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Go Green-LED Alternatives, LLC

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