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Regent Power is about energy and quality of life, most notably, our “Smart City” lighting system w/camera surveillance with gunshot detection.

Regent Power delivers best-in-class renewable energy solutions that include microgrids, renewable energy, and innovative crime reduction solutions that save energy and improve the human experience. Our newest product saves energy, increases police, and first responder performance, promotes life-saving efforts, and has the potential to make our cities safe again.

With circuit energized, both towers on 12.1 Amps. With LEDs,  only 3.1 Amps. With HPS, only 9.2 Amps. These towers have 4 tower lights each. LEDs use approximately 25% of total circuit energy.

We believe we must make our cities safer through the deployment of technologies such as Smart Street Lights through the deployment of technologies such as our Smart Street Lights. With an innovatively subsidized investment, taxpayers can deploy these crime-deterring Streetlights Wi-Fi, an integrated surveillance cameras, wireless real-time video monitoring and gunshot detection and save up to 80% energy costs (which add up quickly).

Without any subsidies, we can still make our cities dramatically safer while enjoying energy and maintenance savings with <2 years ROI or innovatively subsidized investment; taxpayers can deploy these high-tech Streetlights with Wi-Fi, an integrated surveillance camera, wireless real-time video monitoring and gunshot detection.

We have the opportunity to change the world. Literally. Most companies work in silos and consider their IP proprietary sacred, missing opportunities to work with other "best in class" complementary technologies that can achieve innovative & superior solutions through teamwork.