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Larry Dickerman
Large Scale Grid Integrator
A highly sought after renewable energy and grid consultant and keynote speaker, Larry brings over 35 years of expertise in the utility industry to the larger energy community.  As expert consultant for Regent Power, Larry delivers solutions to the current, growing energy challenges for the grid, energy storage, and alternative energy.
He is known well within the energy storage industry and is often keynote speaker for various energy conferences.  Governments, large commercial clients, and utilities seek out Larry’s global energy expertise.
A battery industry veteran and pioneer of Community Energy Storage, Larry Dickerman served American Electric Power for over 35 years in various positions, including
  • Director of Operations Improvement
  • Director of Engineering and Technology Development
  • Vice President of Asset Management
  • Vice President of Distribution Services
For the past four years of his tenure, he was Vice President of Asset Management and Vice President of Distribution Services.
Since 2010 he has served as Vice President of Asset Management Consulting for DNV GL. In this role, he has overseen major storage projects in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and several Caribbean countries.  Most recently, Larry has been Vice President of Asset Management Consulting at DNV GL.
Co-author of “Utility of the Future…The Promise of Energy Storage,” and several articles on DNV’s Utility of the Future blog.  Dickerman is expected to release an updated version of the industry acclaimed “The Promise of Energy Storage” later this year.
Larry is a graduate of NC State in Electrical Engineering and a registered professional engineer in Virginia. He also attended the Darden School of Business and Ohio State University in executive business programs.

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