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Jeff DeFrank
Automotive /Engineering /Battery Expert
Jeff utilizes his 26 years of engineering expertise covering the nuclear and mechanical disciplines. His experience includes 11 years of EV/Hybrid expertise along with complete vehicle development with heavy emphasis on predictive simulation methods. He worked at Ford, MSX, MDI, and Tesla Motors where he was the Sr. Manager of Vehicle Engineering responsible for three vehicles throughout his tenure there.
Jeff co-founded the startup ALT-e with the help of Tesla colleagues all united by a passion to electrify automotive fleets, public transport, and advance the EV movement, . His strong engineering skills and communication savvy helped him find success in promoting the ALT-e manufacturing of electric vehicle powertrains used to increase fuel efficiency.
Jeff’s responsibilities include the following:
  • Overall managing of engineering, manufacturing, project management, and customer service for start-up EV retrofit business
  • Providing leadership and guidance in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, planning, project management, customer service and department management
  • Balancing the needs of various business units in order to meet corporate objectives
Operational Highlights:
  • Developed unique flexible hybrid powertrain and demonstrated the product in three classes of vehicles, each showing over 163% fuel economy improvement.
  • Negotiated an agreement with Manheim to install ALT-e Powertrains in retrofitted vehicles.
  • Forged the relationship with the JV partner that led to $2 million bridge loan
He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York.

mobile: (313) 231-5045