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Carmine Pizzurro, M. Eng. | P. Eng.
Strategic Partner | eCAMION
Mr. Pizzurro has two decades of experience managing automotive manufacturing plants in Ontario and has extensive experience in battery pack manufacturing in the automotive industry. Mr. Pizzurro managed automotive plants at Matsu-Matcor Automotive from 1996 to 1999, and Delphi Automotive from 1999 to 2006. Mr. Pizzurro was also an Engineering Group Manager at General Motors Canada from 2006 to 2009. Mr. Pizzurro has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto, a Master’s degree in engineering from the University of Toronto, and is a registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) in the Province of Ontario. Mr. Pizzurro founded eCamion in 2009.
Regent Power is the U.S. distribution arm of eCAMION.  eCAMION is a Toronto, Ontario based energy storage management company and a leading turnkey solution provider for scalable energy storage. eCAMION specializes in the integration of battery solutions with intelligent advanced grid controls which interface to a Utility’s control room. The intelligent controls operate seamlessly with building management systems, onsite generation, and the modern smart grid.
The company manufactures modular, flexible energy storage, which improves reliability by optimizing new battery chemistries. The systems are currently deployed with Toronto Hydro and Detroit Edison distribution systems. The first EV Cells Energy storage is undergoing testing at Oak Ridge National Lab.  We are on track to deploy units at Woodstock Hydro, Ottawa Hydro, Sudbury Hydro and Toronto Hydro.
The company manufactures intelligent energy storage devices that allow for customers to defer asset upgrades costs while providing multiple revenue making opportunities and energy saving opportunities. We currently make the world's smallest system based on its footprint vs. power stored. The proprietary design and algorithmic controller allows the customer to have back up power functionality while giving customer control options for use of the system. We are one of 5 companies globally to have worked on and built systems with repurposed EV and Hybrid car batteries - further driving chemistry agnostic as a value and cost competitive position to our customers.
The value proposition is based on a stackable benefits model. Our proposition to our market segment customers is based on saving generated via asset infrastructure spending deferment by deploying our product in the Utility space while the technology offers variety of benefits that are core to their business models. In the case of utilities: voltage support, smoothing of renewables, load buffering and power factor correction which all lead to reliability of the system.
For commercial/Industrial customers – the model is focused around replacing UPS assets, offering longer back up power, while offering voltage support and ability to save demand and peak time charges by load shifting via the storage unit. EV Market segment is focused on commercial customers (Auto share etc.) that gain value by using storage for fast charging while saving Utility upgrade charges, demand charges by load shifting and flowing cheaper  electrons  into the vehicles.  Customer in any market segment has the ability to utilize the storage unit to offer ancillary services in their respective jurisdictions and monetize the asset– for frequency regulation, conservation & demand management programs. The various functionalities along with ancillary services bidding is utilized by our algorithmic controller.
Battery Technology Description
eCAMION designs and builds energy storage systems using prismatic large format Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery technology; it provides flexible cell solutions with the highest levels of energy density and minimal impedance to safely deliver a lighter and more efficient battery system for the most demanding applications. Coupled with eCAMION’s innovative pack design and battery management solutions, the complete system provides significant advantages in energy, power, and safety that enable a cost-effective, long-term energy storage solution. eCAMION has developed a full solutions platform including battery management system, flexible and scalable module design, intelligent controls, and utility grid integration and coordination. Patent pending innovations include battery cell crimping mechanisms, module design and cooling, and “grid aware” intelligent controls that automate the energy storage units and operations based on local utility grid conditions. We are chemistry agnostic company and as such our innovation is on modules, data from the storage unit and management systems.

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